God I hope this happens…

Accuweather posted this:

Northeast Winter Outlook 2012-13

We literally had no accumulating snow last year. Sure, we had a few flurries here and there, but there were no blizzards in sight. WTF happened? Just a year prior, we had blizzards one after the other… It’s like December 19th- 18 inches of snow, February 5th- 23 inches of snow, February 9th- 18 inches of snow, December 26th- 36 f*cking inches of snow…

…and then in 2012, 0 inches of snow. What a disappointment! My dad had bought an expensive snow plow only to put it in storage after 0 hours of use. And in Fall 2011, I bought some snow boots and I haven’t worn them ever since. Better snow this year, so we can put those things to good use… and hopefully we’ll get a Category 5 this year.
just so i can say “this is insane!”

EDIT (September 2013): A week after I posted this, Hurricane Sandy happened and did a lot of damage to my hometown and neighbouring towns, and a few days after we got a snowstorm. Perhaps I should really think of what I wish for…


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